Pediatric Day Clinic

7910 W. Jefferson Blvd. Suite 210
Hours: Monday–Friday, 7:30 a.m.–5 p.m.
(260) 435-7355 (260) 435-7355

Many pediatric services can be provided in an outpatient setting rather than the emergency room. The Lutheran Children's Hospital pediatric day clinic is designed just for children and their families. Friendly, colorful surroundings and an experienced team of pediatric nurses, coupled with a child life specialist, a pediatric social worker, a pediatric dietitian and respiratory therapists, provide child-focused care, including:

  • Lab draws and other specimen collection
  • IV medication administration
  • IV fluid infusions
  • First dose medication infusions
  • IV sedation for MRI, CT and other tests/procedures
  • Timed lab draws (glucose tolerance test/special stim testing)
  • G-tube care
  • Dressing changes, staple/stitch/tube removal
  • Central line care (dressing changes, lab draws)
  • Circumcisions
  • TB testing and reading
  • Car seat challenge testing
  • Respiratory inhalation treatments
  • Clinic rooms for non-emergent procedures

Deep Sedation for Children

Lutheran Children's Hospital offers deep sedation to help children relax and to keep them from moving during MRI scans, CT scans and certain other tests or procedures. Deep sedation services are provided through the day clinic by a team that includes a pediatric specialist and pediatric nurse. A child life specialist is also available to help each child feel more comfortable.