Pediatric Inpatient Unit

(260) 435-7337 (260) 435-7337
To call a patient room: (260) 435-7003 (260) 435-7003 , + room number
Dial “9” to access an outside line.

The Lutheran Children's Hospital Pediatric Inpatient Unit offers specialized pediatric care in a kid-friendly environment. Children with various health problems are cared for on the unit, which is housed on the third floor of Lutheran Hospital. All pediatric patients are assessed and followed by a pediatric team that includes a physician, nurses, social workers, pediatric dieticians and other support staff who are specially trained to work with children.

In addition to the well-stocked playroom, several gaming systems and DVD players are available for patient use. A message board details daily scheduled activities and events. All children in the playroom, including siblings, must be attended by an adult.

A lounge is available for parents who need a rest just outside the pediatric inpatient unit. Parents are welcome to remain at the bedside at night, and are welcome to use the shower in their child’s room. Linens, towels and some toiletries are available, if needed. Parents who need overnight sleeping accommodations can utilize the Mad Anthony's Children's Hope Hospitality House, located on the Lutheran Campus.

Meals are served through room service. Nurses provide menus for patients that meet physician-ordered dietary guidelines. Parents are given ordering instructions, and patients can order their favorite foods as long as the chosen items are included in the diet plan. Parents can order three meals per day. A refrigerator is available for parents who wish to bring in food, and complimentary coffee, hot tea, soft drinks and snacks are available for parents at the nurses' station.

Safety Measures
The safety of your child while in our care is a priority for Lutheran Children's Hospital associates. For this reason, the following measures are taken to ensure your child's safety:

  • The inpatient unit is always locked down. Nurses will explain the procedure for entering the unit.
  • Staff participate in twice daily safety huddles, hourly rounding and bedside report.
  • All staff are CPR certified and registered nurses are PALS certified.
  • All LCH associates are required to wear identifying name badges at all times.
  • Patient conditions are not released over the phone to anyone except parents or legal guardians.
  • Bed rails will always be up if a child is in the bed.
  • Children will not be left alone in high chairs, wagons or swings.
  • Rubber (latex) balloons are prohibited in the hospital. Mylar or foil balloons are welcome.
  • Flowers and plants may be restricted, depending on the child’s condition.
  • Thumbtacks may not be used to secure pictures and cards to bulletin boards and walls.
  • Smoking, including the use of e-cigarettes, vaping devices and other similar products, along with the use of any other tobacco products, is prohibited within the hospital and on the entire campus.